Sunday, March 12, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me!

If you are coming here from Belinda'a blog, you may know that I turned 39 today. I have received many well wishes, so I wanted to give something back. Here is my gift to you, Internets. I recommend the following:

Appetizer: "Cowboy Leg Beautiful Pole"

Main Course: "Salty Egg King Steams The Vegetable Sponge"

And be sure to save room for dessert, because there is "Double-Boiled Forest Frog."

And read the comments. Bon Apetit'.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

My Side Of The Pillow

After regaling me with the sorrowful tale of my dream-death and the pursuant dream-reminiscing, my wife gets up out of bed to take some Zyrtec-D, leaving behind...a credit card.

I said, "Why was there a credit card under your butt?"

And she said, "Because it fell out of my pajama pocket." (pause) "I needed it for the hotel, OK?"

ALL of the crazy does not reside on my side of this marital street, folks. And don't think I won't be checking the next statement just to see what kind of purchases her butt rang up.
bipolar planet
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